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Windi / Anna
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This is for :iconsecret-santas:
thank you for inviting me, Lynnie *^^* Sangcoon this is gonna be fun.

OK SO!~ Here is a list of things I would like for Christmas this year.
Sorry, I don't have time to make reference sheets for all of them but I have tried my best to find at least one decent drawing for each character @ u @

Option 01: Mudan Lin

Mudan Ref by x-Windust

Brief Bio for Mudan:

Full Name: Lin Mudan (牡丹) named after the peony lily/mudan flower
Ethnicity: Chinese
Age: Looks about early twenties ish
Species: Dragon
About: She is a strict, no-nonsense girl who generally comes off as cold and unwelcoming, but she always means well and strives for the betterment of others. Almost always sports a subtle, judgemental glare but will loosen up around friends and family. She's the daughter of the military general and is trained in self defense. Has a very strong sense of loyalty and family honour. Underneath the tough exterior, Mudan is secretly soft and mushy, especially when it's to do with flowers. She loves gardening and singing to her plants. Takes really good care of her hair. Likes pink. Prefers not to wear dresses.

Final notes: Mudan has a very very special meaning to me and I would be thrilled to bits if you decided to draw her! She is very much in development so nothing is really set yet, so please experiment with her clothes as much as you want. The only thing that I ask is that you keep the mudan flower in her hair :3

More Mudan:
16mudan by x-Windust we like flowers by x-Windust (the one on the right)

Option 02: Poppy

AB: POPPY123 by x-Windust

Brief Bio for Poppy:

Full Name: POPPY123 (screen name) , Darlene (real life name)
Age: 13
Species: Unicorn
About: POPPY123 was Darlene's screen name in the virtual gaming world, where she played the role of a tiny little unicorn medic. The gaming world has now taken over reality, and Darlene has transformed into Poppy permanently. Formerly paraplegic from the waist down, this couldn't be more exciting for her, though she is very clumsy because she's not used to using feet. She is full of energy and can be very childish. She hoards all kinds of useless game items like plushies, candies and anything sparkly she comes across. Her best friend is a penguin beanbag toy named Pigu.

Final notes: Poppy is a character that makes me happy whenever I draw her, and I hope she does the same for you if you decide to pick her! ^^ I would love to see her going on an adventure of some sort. And please feel free to change up her outfit! She changes almost every time I draw her. I like to dress her in earthy looking outfits like leaves and cute little bug inspired costumes.

More Poppy:
Poppy KL by x-Windust Poppysketch by x-Windust
^ fanart by my friend Omega-Sigh 

Option 03: Alek and Fran :heart: :iconx-windust::iconweisseorchidee: :heart:

JJ - Alek Vasilyev by x-Windust JJ - Frank "Fran" Li by WeisseOrchidee

Note: Fran belongs to my waifu WeisseOrchidee 

Brief Bio for Alek and Fran:

Full Name: Aleksei Vasilyev and Frank "Fran" Li
Age: 23 and 27 respectively
Species: Both human
About: Their story is set in the roaring twenties. Alek works as a tracker in a Russian gang, and Fran handles illegal documents in a Chinese gang.
Alek was born into wealth but was forced to start from scratch when his family lost everything. It was a humbling experience for him.
Fran is a trans woman. Alek does not know this yet...
You can read more about Fran HERE
and more about Alek HERE

In a few words, Alek can be described as:  Easy-going | Observant | Flirtacious | Materialistic | Hopelessly Romantic
And Fran can be described as: Laid-back | Bitter | Judgemental | Secretive (but a real sweetheart around Alek hehehe)

Final notes: This is my ULTIMATE OTP OF DOOOMM <3333 If you would like to challenge yourself with drawing more than one character, please draw these two ^0^ They are two peas in a pod though so please don't separate them. I love love love anything 20s themed. :) Actually I would just love anything with these two in it haha. They like to go on cheesy romantic dates, dance at the local juice joint and go to fancy restaurants pretending to be high class when they're not hehe. Oh and Alek always wears a red tie and smokes like a chimney.

More Alek and Fran:

Back In 1925 by x-Windust Aleksketch by x-WindustAlansketch by x-Windust

Thanks for viewing!! OuO/

I will be happy with whoever/whatever you decide to draw for me as long as you put in effort and most importantly... have fun with it! :)

x Windy
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